Designed by KanyaMarie

Designed by KanyaMarie is a small business located in West Des Moines offering the services of fashion design, custom sewing and alterations. With a focus on bridal gowns and formal wear, KanyaMarie also does personal alterations and custom designed jewelry, accessories and veils.

 Fashion design/custom sewing: KanyaMarie will help you to visualize the ideas you may have and put them to paper, whether that means offering design ideas to create a cohesive design or simply create a visual for a design you already want. KanyaMarie will then take that design, work out budget and materials with you, create a sample, and then the final product. Pricing: Custom projects are priced at $30 per hour plus the cost of materials. A materials deposit will be required upon consultation confirmation, deposit determined based on project requested. Preliminary consultation is free of charge. A twelve week minimum is required for all custom projects.

Alterations: A proper fit can make a big impression. Make sure yours fits you like a glove. KanyaMarie offers alterations for bridal wear, formal wear, suits, as well as personal tailoring. Pricing: Please contact me about alterations prices. A three week minimum is required for all alterations. Four to sixweeks requested for bridal.