Kanya Petersen

Kanya Petersen is a local Des Moines, Iowa designer and seamstress. She strives to bring high end quality sewing and affordable custom designed clothing to the Des Moines fashion scene.

With a degree from Iowa State University in Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Production, Kanya uses her sewing skills to create one of a kind pieces of clothing that emulates the uniqueness of the wearer and designer.  Kanya has honed her sewing abilities to specialize in the more complicated garment area of bridal gowns, creating dream dresses for that special day.

Her creativity does not stop at just sewing, however. Kanya also enjoys crafting; creating accessories, jewelry and knitting in her spare time.

While being a creative and sewing up dream gowns, Kanya has also used her creativity to help her grow a second in home business. As an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, Kanya explores her artistic side by offering customized skin care and color for her brides as well as other clients. It's another unique outlet for her creative spirit that allows her to balance the sometimes stressful timeline of sewing with a more relaxing job of pampering her friends.

With the full support of her husband as well as her parents, she is proud to be able to help make dreams come true and ideas a reality both on paper, in sewing and sharing her Mary Kay business opportunity.