Happy Friday!

It's the first Friday of November! But I'm still reminiscing about October and Halloween! Have you been following me on my Facebook page? @designedbykanyamarie and you would have seen all the fun outfits and shenanigans that happened this year!  


Before I jump into Halloween, I want to go back to the final weekend of September, where we celebrate Oktoberfest! I love this holiday and my husband and I always have a blast dressing up together in our best bavarian outfits "prost"-ing the fall spirit!  

And then of course, we get to Halloween. This is by far my favorite holiday of the year. Because who doesn't love to dress up in costume and pretend to be something else for a day? 

This year I participated in a Trunk Or Treat event, where I decorated up my car and the kiddos could go around in a safe environment and get candy! I was a favorite of all the little girls dressed up in my Mermaid costume! 

Then my husband and I dressed up for a halloween party as Waldo and Carmen of Where's Waldo and Where in the World is Carmen sand Diego! While Erik was recognized by most everyone of any age, I was more popular for those of our age or a bit older who remember the Carmen San Diego show! But nonetheless it was fun to be dressed as such a recognizable couple!  

And then of course, I brought out an oldie but a goodie for our Beggar's Night trick or treat night as a black cat. Can't go wrong with a classic!!

What did you dress as this year? I would love to see your costumes!